The more I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world the more I have noticed the vast discrepancy of rights between men and women.  This is not to say that men are not victims of injustice, but to note as a woman that women seem to experience more injustices everyday.  I have come to notice the growing, gaping gap amongst the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.  This depressing reality must be the vehicle for higher-order change throughout the world.  We are blessed with this gift of a beautiful earth- we are all called to care for it and its inhabitants- men or women.   I believe that every human being on this planet has infinite worth- this belief alone has changed my life and I hope it changes your life.  There are many saddening examples of people having their infinite worth compromised by hurt egos seeking power and dominance, here are just a few that have opened my eyes with tears:

  • Parents in at least China and Korea often cry when they discover their child will be a beautiful baby girl.
  • 1 in 3 women are impacted by sexual assault in there lifetime (including me).
  • If a migrant worker is raped in almost any part of the world- they have no rights!

My beautiful Korean students! I love them.

I find these facts outrageous, certainly in 2010 we should not have these social and world issues.  I would like you, the reader, to help me educate the world.  I believe education, meditation, and prayer will be our most powerful tools in creating the change we need to see in the world, I encourage each of us to aspire to be the change each of us wants to see in the world.  As a twenty-two year old female from the United States, I realize I have been blessed with so much in my life– I am incredibly grateful to my father.  When I was young he taught me two valuable lessons:

  • You never ever have to do anything.
  • Women can do anything!

My goal is to begin an organization to assist women and children around the world.  Let’s call it RAWW (Rights Around the World for Women).    Recently I’ve learned how to knit.  We could start small by knitting scarves and baby blankets.  We could have fundraisers and benefits to raise funds for the women and children of the world.  I would also like to create an online forum for anyone to share their ideas, stories, and wisdom.  What do you think ladies and gents?

My favorite student and I

“Underneath all his [her] preoccupations with sex, society, religion, etc. (all the staple abstractions which allow the fore-brain to chatter) there is, quite simply, a person tortured beyond endurance by the lack of tenderness in the world.” – Lawrence Durrell


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